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Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Marrero Wealth Management, LLC serves clients across the nation, while remaining committed with steadfast focus on each client’s individual needs. Our core values of total integrity, honesty, and openness guide every decision for the client’s best interest. This is reflected in our high retention rate and referrals from existing clients while maintaining a pristine compliance record.

When asked how we would describe ourselves further, we would say:

  • Traditional – We prefer tested, tried financial solutions with more predictable results aligned with our client’s risk tolerance.
  • Family – We seek to firmly grasp our client’s family universe, whether “family” is one or many, so that all considerations are made for the appropriate intentions.
  • Golden Rule – We do not struggle with how to conduct ourselves. It is easy. We work with our clients the way we want to be treated ourselves.
  • Conservative – We take the high road on being cautious. Not to a fault, but we are protective of our client’s assets.

As a company: Progressive. Curious. Probing. Efficient and effective. Determined.

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